Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cab driver wisdom

For some strange reason, cab drivers always seem to be eager to tell me their life story or have the urge to share their sage advice with me. I've heard a lot of things in cabs, from heartbreaking stories of families trying to survive in these hard times to detailed descriptions of a driver's numerous female conquests (often inside the cab) and even tips on how to pick up girls (though I've never really tried, although the advice to be always well groomed seemed sensible).

I've never really given the stories and the advice much thought, but when I saw these particular tidbits of wisdom taped to the cab windows today, I couldn't help but think that I may have stumbled on the wisest of all the cab driver proverbs.


purple rain said...

lower your standards...hehehehe.. that's what i should say to my bosses!

Raven and Stormcrow said...

That's cool and very profound!