Thursday, November 15, 2007


It started out a normal enough day. It was raining pretty hard when I woke up, so I decided I'd take my time with my morning rituals. I was feeling pretty calm, it wasn't hot, I didn't have any morning engagements that I needed to hurry to, I slept well the night before. I wasn't particularly happy, just really calm and subdued. I attributed it to the rain, it always had that effect on me.

Right before I left the house, I took a look at my DS and decided it was getting a bit dirty. I removed the strap and washed it with soap and water, got some alcohol and gently wiped the slightly browning shoulder buttons with alcohol and cotton. I took my time cleaning my DS, I borrowed the lens cloth of my mom's glasses to remove the dust and dirt on the two screens. When I was finally satisfied with the slight glow of my newly polished DS, I was suddenly reminded of a scene in Death Note episode 25. I didn't think of it much, "Probably just the rain" I thought to myself. With that I put the DS in my bag and went on my way to work.

Keeping with the general trend of my morning, the trip was uneventful. I decided I would drop by Megamall instead of Shangri-la to have lunch a buy and buy tickets for Avenue Q (For some reason, I couldn't order online and every time I went to the Ticketworld outlet, they were either closed or on break). The MRT was a bit packed, but then, it always is. I didn't mind, I've been commuting since the 3rd grade so packed public transport was never a problem for me. I had a hard time getting off the train though, I was at the other side of the train so I really had to push my way through the wall of people between me and the door, I made it just in time and the door closed just as soon as I got off.

I was making my way to Megamall when the girl walking behind went up to me and said "bukas bag mo". Right there and then I knew what had happened. My knees went weak, I checked my bag hoping my intuition was wrong. It wasn't, there in my bag, underneath the small pack of tissues and the tangled mess of my phone charger, was the empty space that used to contain my DS.

So now, my dogs Tristan and Yuki will never take a virtual walk around town with me again. Link will never lift the stone curse from Tetra. I will never escape the Ward. Phoenix Wright's cases will remain unsolved. Samus will never find out the secret behind the ship. The Warriors of Light will never save the world. Mario will never rescue the Princess.