Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Can't take the sky from me...

It's always fun to be part of some fan community, gives a nice sense of belonging. There's some enjoyment derived from expressing how incredibly, mind blowingly cool something is without running the risk of suddenly finding yourself alone after you declare that Spider-Man unmasking himself in front of the press is the "most totally wicked shocker in comics history, IMHO" (I love how you can flame something or someone and make it all right just by adding IMHO at the end. "That crap should be stuck back up whatever bunghole it came from! You're an idiot if actually enjoyed fugly sh!t like that! IMHO ^_^ "). Heck even the abbreviations (TTT, RotJ, AotC) have an oddly satisfying elitist feel to it. There's also the countless websites, blogs, forums all dedicated to that specific object of fandom, making sure you'll never run out of interesting tidbits of fun.

Now I've always been susceptible to joining the ranks of these Star Wars geeks, Ringnuts and other strangely named groups(Browncoats being the latest). And though it may be tempting to delve into why that is or to describe my various experiences as a more conservative member of the screaming legions, I won't. Instead, I'll once again talk about the latest of my numerous and fleeting addictions (collective groan)

It has cowboys, guns, horses and... Spaceships! It's Joss Whedon's Firefly, an ill fated sci-fi western series that got cancelled despite the rave reviews and huge fan base. It all started (my addiction, not the series) when I saw the trailer for the movie Serenity (which was a continuation of the series). Naturally, since I had never heard of it before, my reaction was "wtf is this?? Get on with the movie!" A few months later I came across a movie review of Serenity, having nothing better to do, I read it and a phrase really stood out "...Joss Whedon's unassuming science-fiction adventure is superior in almost every respect to George Lucas' aggressively more ambitious screen ...entertainments." Blasphemy! I had to go see for myself why anyone could say that. So I got myself a copy, and unfortunately, I had to agree with the review. It was nothing like the Star Wars prequels, and I loved it for that. Right from the opening scenes I knew this was my kind of movie. Good story, snappy dialogue, and sarcastic humor all made this movie into a winner in my eyes (reminded me a bit of why I loved the original Star Wars Trilogy). Not "all time greatest movie" material but it was still highly enjoyable.

Now things that I eventually become a real fanboy of tend to stick to my mind until I eventually give in and delve deeper into it. That was the case here, I did a bit of research about the series that spawned the movie and was genuinely intrigued. So I got myself a copy of the entire season (just 14 episodes sadly) and watched it(duh). This was where I really got hooked. The series was so much more than the movie. Here the characters were given time to develop at a better pace, each episode showing more depth to the characters, making me like the crew more and more. The snappy dialogue and humor is present here too, but there are a lot of poignant moments too, scenes that really get to you and stick. Plus there are a lot of little details and quirks that you may not notice but make the whole experience that much richer if you do, like the little toy dinosaurs at the pilot's control panel or the absolute silence during scenes out in space. At first I found it a bit odd that all the scenes in space were silent, no roar of the engines, no muffled footsteps as they walk on the hull of a derelict space station. I honestly thought they went over budget and couldn't afford to put sound effects in, or that it was done for dramatic effect. It was only a few episodes later when I finally went "Of course!" and slapped myself on the forehead (rather hard too...I still don't forgive myself for not getting it immediately). The stories were great too, all of them were self contained but always added something to a greater storyline. Alas, those potential storylines never came to be, victims of an unjust cancellation by Fox. Thankfully, the fans loved the show so much that Universal agreed to make the movie Serenity, giving Joss Whedon a chance to tie up all the loose ends of the series. I have to admit though, that I wish it had remained a TV series. Don't get me wrong, like I said, I loved the movie, but after watching the series, I can't help but feel that the plotlines were rushed in the movie, as if Joss sensed that it would be his last chance to do so. So instead of a long pleasant journey into a world you can lose yourself in, in Serenity we get a roller coaster ride, brief, fun but temporary. It’s really a great series, highly recommended even, but if you do get to watch (and like) it, don’t blame me for the sudden bout of depression you’ll feel once you realize that 14 episodes and movie is all there ever will be.

See the horses? And the spaceship? Like I said... Sci-fi Western

Like a true fanboy in search of his next fix I quickly looked for anything with Joss Whedon's name attached to it... lo and behold, I came across my childhood favorite, the (Astonishing) X-Men! It did not disappoint, like his different series' it has everything in satisfying doses, fleshed out characters, intriguing plotlines and witty banter. I mean honestly, look at that cover --->
How can you not love it?

In other non-Whedon areas, I've also been reading (yay! links galore!) Y: The Last Man, Fables, Preacher, and the Marvel Crossover event Civil War (where Spider-Man did actually unmask himself in front of the press). On my wishlist are Hellboy, The Authority, Ex-Machina, Planetary, Astro City and Grant Morrison's run on the X-Men (New X-Men I think).

Whew, that was long...I think I'll stop now (collective sigh of relief).

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I'm hungry, let's get a taco.

My brother came back from his month long film workshop in Prague last week and he brought home a lot of cool stuff like coasters of all the different beer brands he tasted (swiped from the different bars), keychains from a weapon shop (horned helm keychain!), a freaky puppet and a... well, a pop-up book. But my favorite are the different movie posters he bought.

I really like the Mr. White quote... and I'm not sure why, I haven't even watched Reservoir Dogs (though it has been in my "to watch" list for a long time now). It's just so... cool.

I can't wait to have these posted on our wall. That is, if we had a wall to put it on. Unfortunately, the only free space our wall has is currently occupied by...me. It's always problem when only 1 side of your room is free and you have a double deck bed. Any poster placed on that free space near the upper bunk (where I stay) of the bed runs the risk of accidentaly ending up as my blanket. If I don't get to the poster first, the heat from our uninsulated ceiling will, which I'm sure is enough to singe it.

So for now, I guess these two will have to join our other unposted posters... rolled up in a corner, never feeling the warmth of sunlight, with only dust and cockroaches to keep them company.

Actually I think they do feel the warmth, just no sunlight. Everything in our room feels that f#$&ing warmth, even at night, with the air conditioner on mind you, I can feel it emanating from the ceiling.. it's like a damned oven in there.

Hmm... well if I can't post it on my wall, I'm going to post it here instead.
(actually I just want to show 'em off :p)

I really liked this show, I wish they'd bring it back.


Yes the movie sucked, but I like the foreshadowing in it (painfully obvious pun intended)

I like the "painted" look of the different Star Wars posters. This one's no exception.

This was a fake 50 peso poster I bought when I watched the advanced screening, but it looked decent enough.

Monday, September 04, 2006

This just screams narcissism, but what the heck....

Having nothing better to do (which is often the case) I ran a few of my pictures through that face recognition/celebrity look-alike thingy and I noticed a pattern...


...yep, you guessed it, I look like a girl.