Monday, April 24, 2006

Probably the closest I'll ever get to a random/spontaneous thought post...

I lost my slippers two months ago and have, since then, learned to live with walking barefoot around the house.

I lost the only brush capable of giving the steel wool on top of my noggin called hair a semblance of order more than a year ago and have been using my hand as a substitute since then.

Adaptability or just plain old laziness?

I say the latter.

Incidentally, my dad once described me as having a "martyr complex". I tend to disagree since martyrdom suggests willingness to suffer for some cause or ideal. Me, i'm just too lazy to do anything about it. Unless of course, you consider laziness to be an ideal.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Finally! A movie a fanboy like me can look forward to.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I should be working...

...but why work when I can blog? Haven't posted in quite some time (surprise! surprise!) The difference this time around is that I had no intention of blogging the past month, no thoughts lingering inside my head just waiting for the right combination of kasipagan and free time. No strange stories to be told. I've been busy, that's all.

"Busy with what?" you might ask (well you probably won't ask but I'll tell you anyway). Am I busy with work like so many of my friends? Nope, it's hardly even work to begin with. Busy learning something useful like how to drive? Hah! asa pa. Busy getting off my lazy ass and trying to get fit? Surprisingly, sometimes. Not a whole lot of that going on though.

What's been keeping me busy is anime, lots and lots of it. Why? I dunno, repressed childhood maybe? Or maybe I was Japanese once in a past life. It's probably plain old geekiness. All I know is that over the past 2 months I've downloaded 3 whole anime series' - 35 hours or so worth of anime. I’m hooked on the stuff.

The latest addition to my collection of hent... er, anime is (yet another) sword wielding samurai series, yet with a hip hop flavor to it. Very cool. The fight scenes are extremely well animated, the stories, though lacking an overall plot, range from decent to hilarious. But all I really care about are the fight scenes, and they totally kick ass. I like it so much I don't really mind the strange title - "Samurai Champloo"

Here's a bit of action from Samurai Champloo

I realize I should spend my time more on something enriching like reading. But reading is such an expensive proposition for me. See, I can't read at home, too many distractions (Cable TV, DVDs, PC games, internet access). So that means I only get to read when I'm out. I also can't read without having something to munch on (Which is why ALL my books since I was a kid have crumbs liberally scattered across the pages. You can probably tell how old I was when I read a book based on the different types of crumbs and stains on my books. Taho means I was around 9. Orange juice - sometime before high school, coke - during high school. coffee - recently read). Which means I only get to read when I eat out. Now, take for example, the book I'm currently reading, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (which I really like, btw). It's around a thousand pages long with really small text. So I normally get to read an average of 30 pages per meal. Say I spend an average of 150 bucks per meal, now with some elementary math it's easy to see why reading costs me so much. I'll have to spend around 5k just get the book done!

Now to look for the next highly recommended anime for me to download...