Sunday, November 07, 2004

I'm back! But is anyone still here?

O my gulay! May blog nga pala ako! hehe

It's bad enough that my blog has no substantial content, now it has no substantial content that isn't updated.

So I guess it's about time I updated it.

First, work related stuff...

A few weeks ago, my supervisor called in sick, which left me in charge of the whole department. It was pretty scary at first; being in charge of people twice your age... but thankfully everything went well. Right after work, I was feeling pretty good about having gone through the day without the plant blowing up (not that it's possible) and I was thinking about writing about it in my blog. But before I could, I made my first major mistake. My flakey memory resulted in the production of a few hundred thousand low potency tablets of...I won't say which dahil baka di nyo na bilhin... bwahaha! I hope nobody notices... hehehe

I'm seriously considering transferring to the R&D branch of the company. Which raises the question... should I go for the tougher, more challenging work I might enjoy more but pays less or the easy no-brainer work I don't really enjoy but pays more? Not that the easy no brainier work pays a lot... it just pays a lot more than the tougher, more challenging work. Pero what really makes the R&D job so attracting is that I don't have to go to work at the ungodly hour of 6 am =Þ

I faced my first ethical question bout the drugs we produced at work a few weeks ago when about 50 thousand or so tablets of a certain drug wound up inside the vacuum pipes we used to suck up excess powders... naturally it was decided that we should dispose of the tablets... but later my supervisor told me it was a drug for pigs (I mean actuall pigs, not people who act like pigs) so I started to wonder... would a pig really mind if the medicine it takes is a bit dusty? It was a question that tested the very fibers of my morals...hehehe

Now for non work related stuff...



I just realized that spending half your day at work doesn't leave much time for other things...except... games! Maybe I should just turn my blog into a pc game review site... After all, they say one should right about things he knows best...hmm

Oh and don't worry... If the tablets I mentioned earlier really has low potency, we won't sell it ^_^